8 Week Training Program & Over 100 Video Follow Along Workout - Using Redge Tension Bar

8 Week Muscle Building Training program includes follow along workouts with hands on instruction to use and fully utilize our Tension Bar.

Separate Follow Along videos for each body part targeting specific muscle groups

24 hour award winning fitness trainer access completely free. 


8 Week Muscle Building Workout Program

Follow along video workouts for each day in the 8 week using the Tension Bar.  Specific instructions on how to use the

Over 50 Video Tension Bar Workouts For Each Muscle

We bring you a library of over 50 Video workouts. Result driven workouts for each muscle group using the Tension Bar and with the guidance of our Fitness Trainers. 

24 Hour Access To An Award Winning Trainer

A Fitness Trainer available 24/7 for any of your workout and fitness related question any time of the day. Simply email and receive a thoughtful response within 1 hour. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You get unlimited access to the following: 

  • Over 150 workout follow along videos using the Redge Tension Bar targeting each body part. 
  • 8 week workout program with follow along videos and specific days set for each body part using Redge Tension Bar. 
  • 24/7 Access to fitness trainer. Ask any question related to fitness or health via email and get a reply form one of our certified trainers within hours. 


You must own or have access to a Redge Tension bar which we use in most of our follow along videos. 

The 8 week program consist of the following: 

  • Each day of the 8 weeks, we have laid out the specific part of the body that you will be exercising along with the follow along videos for each workout. 
  • Each week there are 2 rest days for the muscles to have some time to breathe and grow. 
  • The course covers the following body parts as part of the course: 
    • Legs
    • Abs
    • Chest
    • Back 
    • Biceps
    • Triceps
    • Shoulders 
  • Each week same exercises are performed but with increasing weight. 
  • if any questions, the email can be sent to a fitness trainer right away. 

Jack W.

"Redge Tension bar and Training is so worth it because you can see the real changes in your body that would not have happened without it.  Moe taught  me so much and I recommend him for all your home fitness goals" 

Brandon K.

"I'd been working out for a while and wanted some more guidance and motivation esp when it comes to working from home. Redge Fit Tension Bar and Redge Pro is the best investment I have ever made." 

Britt B.

"Working with the Redge Fit guys  this past year, I have lost about 15 pounds, reduced my knee and shoulder pain I’ll say what Moe always says, “You invest in a lot of things, why not invest in your health?”


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